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Top Yoga Influencers to follow

Social media has covered the way for influencers to take over the fitness world. Right when you’re busy taking your selfie of #ootd or clicking your aesthetically pleasing bowl of salad, there’s a niche category of Yogis on Instagram slaying the feed with some mesmerizing yoga postures.
These Influencers bring a relatable approach to fitness and wellbeing and form meaningful connections with their audiences by building societies.

If you’re just beginning to get your New Year’s resolutions figured out, we may suggest you guys get inspired with some of Instagram’s most fearless and agile yogis.

  1. Rachel Fit

Rachel is one of the most popular Yoga coaches in the world. She is from USA Florida and has become an inspiration for many who follow her.

2 Nude Yoga Girl

Nude Yoga Girl is becoming quite the internet sensation. You may have seen her powerful, beautiful and evocative images floating around online over the last few weeks. She is having more than 1M Instagram followers. This anonymous yogi takes images of herself doing yoga in the buff and posts them to her Instagram channel @nude_yogagirl.

3. Dylan Werner

Dylan Werner is a well-known yoga teacher who is currently travelling the world and sharing his practice and love for yoga.

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When I go out and take photos like this, I don't think of it as my "practice" but a result of my practice. I take a photo or video and share it, with hopes that I will have something of value to talk about when I write a caption underneath. . I wasn't going to post this photo, not because it's dangerous, it wasn't, it just looks scary, but because I wasn't happy with my shape. I felt unsure of myself and had a hard time coming into a pose that normally is relatively easy for me. Because of the ocean and the precarious lava rock, I let self-doubt creep in and from that came fear. Now taking this photo that wasn't meant to be my practice, became my practice. #svadyaya #selfstudy . Board shorts by @aloyoga

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JONAH KEST was born into a Yoga Legacy. With his father, Vinyasa and his mother, Milla kest as one of the first yoga Busines owners and Yoga teachers in the middle west.

5. Lindell Nuyttens

Lindell Nuyttens is a certified yoga teacher, residing in Brussels, Belgium. She teaches Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release techniques.

6. Sneha Ghosh

Sneha Ghosh is a power yoga trainer and an inspirational motivator who continues to empower others through her journey of wellness and fitness.

7. Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta has an inspirational story behind her outdoor yoga as she was not supposed to walk away from an accident in the past but she definitely has been doing much more than that.

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Every day the body is changing and making space for the role I am about to step into in my life. And as the body changes so rapidly I am trying to adapt mentally, (although I’ve been told nothing can prepare you for motherhood!!!). I am constantly more and more in awe of this female body and the power of Womanhood, the ability women have to adapt to so much change and letting go; to nurture and to allow themselves to be the vehicle for the creation process. . To all the Women and Mother’s out there, all my love and respect to you. I see you and honour you.❤️🙏🏻✨ . The first pic was me in 18 weeks and the next one is 24 weeks.🤰 📸 @radeshphotography @kailinphotography

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8. Samira

Samira does things quite differently by while yoga in order to improve her flexibility, stamina and fitness.

9. Jessica

At a very young age, Jessica became a fitness enthusiast, yoga practitioner and a gym freak who has been combining workouts at the gym along with yoga to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

10. Raj Brar

Raj Brar is a Yoga practitioner who loves to spice things up by using old techniques and giving a whole new meaning to wellness.

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I was born and raised in North America, conditioned by the western society. Over 6 years ago an awakening happened within me that changed my path forever. I have been flirting with the practice of yoga for many years before this awakening, however it was very surface level for me as a physical exercise. It wasn’t until my spiritual awakening that this beautiful gift of yoga pulled me to go deeper and build a relationship with her. Over a year ago, I left North America to further my spiritual calling and moved to India, she called me and the pull was so hard that there was no resistance from my physical being. Exploring my inner being and the path of yoga has lead me to such depth that one cannot explain, you allow the old to just disappear and dissolve to create the new energy and patterns. Living in the east, the birthplace of yoga and spiritual practice has allowed me to explore the roots and depths of this thousand year old practice. It is a lifelong journey as a student and I look forward to every moment of becoming. The seeker always finds the way, however you must be willing to let go of what doesn’t serve you. Yoga is much deeper than a physical practice, it’s unexplainable in words as it has a way of giving and allowing the becoming to the seeker whatever that may be. A journey that will break you down and rebuild you to achieve anything you desire. (Just reading this sentence is sooo powerful) The rest is up to the seeker.

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Hope you find the much-needed inspiration from these yogis.

Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in.

Follow the feeds and let your chakras align.

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