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Top 5 Bitcoin influencers of the social media

When we think of Cryptocurrency, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become the Gold Standard for the cryptocurrency market and has been the primary focus of the conversation surrounding the future currency market. With billions of dollars on the line, it is very crucial to understand the workings of blockchain and Bitcoin in a variety of ways. For this article, we will be diving into the top 20 Bitcoin influencers in the sector. From professors to hedge fund managers, this list will give you a comprehensive look into the market.

1. Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO and Square founder Jack Dorsey are one of the biggest Bitcoin advocates and influencer. Since Bitcoin’s inception, Jack has been supporting the cryptocurrency movement and has even launched a crypto division of Square called Cash App, which allows buyers to buy Bitcoin. Jack has also recently endorsed plans and led the coalition to introduce its adoption in Africa. This movement is one of the most ambitious for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as a whole.

2. Roger Ver

Roger Ver is famously known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” is one of the world’s first investors into bitcoin startups like Blockain.com, Z. Cash and BitPay. Roger is one of the five founders of the Bitcoin Foundation, a group that aims to advocate for its adoption as a currency medium.

3. Brian Armstrong

Co-Founder and CEO of Coinbase, Brian, is the world’s largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with almost 7 billion held in the transaction. He has been a part of Deloitte and Touche as an Enterprise Risk Management Consultant and has applied those skills to the crypto world. He has started GiveCrypto, which is a non-profit attempting to give Bitcoin to the less fortunate.


4. Tyler Winklevoss

Tyler,the Co-founder and CEO of Geminia, a cryptocurrency exchange that allows consumers to purchase digital assets. He also is the Principal of Winklevoss Capital, an entrepreneurial venture capital fund that obtains its cash base from the Bitcoin market. Tyler is also a popular ex-olympian and has utilized his platform to advocate the growth of cryptocurrency to make a “frictionless” currency market for the future.

5. Adam Back

Adam Back is a brilliant cryptographer and creator of Hashcash. Hashcash is a proof-of-work organization that limits email spams but has most recently been utilized as a part of the Bitcoin mining algorithm needed to extract blockchain. He is also the CEO of Blockstream, which is one of the founders and development teams behind Bitcoin Core, a wallet service. He has also presented the importance of Bitcoin at the G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers this year to advocate for the currency as a future medium.


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