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Making the content visually attractive: Key to designing a social media content

Because Designs are the key to making attractive impressions on customers and clients, who not only go for content and reading material on a website but are more attracted to visual graphics as well. Since, content is the king of social media marketing, a proper strategy of how to make it better always puts forward the name of the brand and increasing the engagement rate of the audience driving more and more traffic to the website.

Content must be entertaining, intelligent, informative and socially affirmative at the same time. The point is that the magnitude of the content must be so high that people spend most of their time surfing through your website and making themselves as much knowledgable about the brand. 

Besides that, the only theory of content creation will not make a lot of impacts but rather the combination of a creative designing process and funky website by recognizing the niche and the segment of the audience going to or preferred to be engaging on your website can create the actual impact.

Below are some of the most effective keys to improving and going forward to making your content look absolutely classy and redesigning it for the purpose of alluring more audience virtually- Marketing your way through Graphics/ Photos/ Videos/ Animations/ Data Visualizations

Making the content Visually attractive

The image above, best describes the social media scene right now. It’s a huge cluster of web and this entire web requires skilling and moving forward through a great piece of content. Content speaks much better with the help of a picture rather than sticking alone and being blunt and boring.

Users always love to go through as much of the pictures as possible and be able to visualize much of data and graphics. Moreover, the new concept of GIFs has also played a very important role in content creation and designing, Keeping in mind the simple human psychology that picture and graphics are eye catchy to us from our childhood itself.

Social Media for Content Marketing. Gif

Make your Content Informative

Content is the main reason, apart from pictures and visual graphics which makes all the difference because the audience engages in a piece of content to know certain facts and a website or a company must ensure that the facts be relevant and informative.

This ensures the trust of a company with audience and reliability over the content which is necessary to increase the engagement. Apart from being informative, the quality of the content must be high as well which makes sure that it becomes shareable enough to generate more traffic.

Key to designing social media contentStructure the content very smartly

Using bullet points and numbering your content makes it clean and perfect to look at. Structuring your content is the most important factor in the success of an increase in an engagement rate of content. A neat, well-structured with appropriate use of words can create much buzz and be trending at the same time generating more traffic.

Attach emotions to your writing
Emotions are a very keen factor when talking in terms of content. When talking about content, it’s not necessary that it is always in the written form; rather videos also play a major role in content making. Today brands are focusing more on generating emotions through creating videos which attract emotional responses from consumers

For instance, the television advertisement of Samsung service van which broadcasted a blind girl calling for the repair of Television and people after viewing this advertisement generated sympathetic responses. This was labeled as the most-watched television advertisement in 2017.

Samsung India Service (SVC) – Most Watched Video in 2017 – We’ll take care of you, wherever you are.

Basically, the good content design is very necessary to catch the attention of the audience you want to get engaged to your website and understand you better.

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