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#Hashtag: Ruling the Social Media

Well, it is very obvious that a brand is what it is because of the kind of goodwill it is able to generate to influence the audience. Everything is literally on a platter when talking in terms of promoting and reaching out to the maximum number of audiences which was not possible before.

Social media platforms have proved to be very effectively talking about the evolving market which is possibly an introduction to Influencer Marketing as a new type of medium and strategy to build and create an impression of the name itself.


But what we’re forgetting is ‘the use of hashtags’. #Hashtags, a symbol that makes a small link which could group content into that word’s category. Influencer Marketing is not only about reaching out to the concept of “word of mouth” but also the right kind of efforts to promote content rather than making it a vague project with unnecessary Hashtags.

Hashtags have turned out to be an effective tool in terms of enabling the same kind of content to appeal to millions of users leading to the popularity of the hashtag and the content.

Hashtag ruling the social Media

Having a good number of followers increase the chances of making an impression on our audience further influencing them in decision making.

#Hashtags have paved the path to modifying two categories of users, the one who fiercely use hashtags and the other ones who are avoiding it to the core.

But being a representative of a brand or an organization, it is necessary to know the use of the right kind of hashtag and understanding the appropriate tool (hashtag analytics) to measure the website traffic.

A recent article on ‘the guide to using Hashtag for increasing Followers’ mentioned that even if there is a use of at least one hashtag after a content piece, there is a chance of approximately 12.6% of engagement of audience to it on any social media handle, majorly Instagram.

Instagram has turned out to be the one-stop destination which is custom-built and the only social media platform that allows the users to add 30 hashtags in a post. On the other hand, Twitter recommends to use 2-3 hashtags in a tweet and on Facebook, it is better not to go for any input of hashtags because according to experts it does not add any influence.

HashTag Ruling the socialMedia But why so much emphasis on #Hashtags?

Being a seller, it is very important to know the needs of our target audience. Design thinking is obviously, related to bringing alive an idea realizing the need of the audience and curating it but a question arises: how to promote it forward so that it could reach the targeted audience? The answer lies here – “Hashtags” that makes the content to be witnessed by the maximum number of audience who search for that particular hashtag.

More than that, it gets grouped to the other trending articles in line and then the next step is to actually understand the art of empathizing with what the people most search for on any platform. We have reached to a level where we definitely would like the posts of a person who we dedicatedly follow to some level, they connect with our thoughts or mindset.

This is more like human psychology which needs observation for creating and executing a good marketing strategy. Tapping into that same detail, the next step is to add only those hashtags which are popular or are most searched on any social media platform.

On social media, where there is a huge number of following and active users, nothing happens just as a coincidence, and so no one likes a content accidentally. A right hashtag will always make a difference to the content. Even if a book is well written and properly structured with a good storyline, a weak promotion and no empathy with the audience can never let it grow and practically, create buzz.

Hashtag ruling the social media#Hashtag Analytics

Initially, it became difficult to analyze which hashtag will be appropriate in the post. Keywords always help in such scenarios. Thankfully, to certain innovations and findings, #Hashtag Analytical tool can alter the popularity of a content.

The content could be a picture of a new cloth line introduced by Brand. For Instance; H&M introduced a new clothing line named MOSCHINO which got famous through a simple Hashtag, #moschino.

Apart from that, there are tools which help in finding the appropriate hashtags which are trending and could help in enhancing the propaganda to a newly published content and attracting a large number of audience/web traffic to content and then, fame is in order always!

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