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How is Social Media Marketing during COVID-19 ?

During this pandemic, every business organization and marketers are suffering from health and economic stability issues. From adopting the social distancing and getting used to a life which includes wearing masks, washing our hands regularly, and seeing people getting sick, the COVID-19 is something, we never expected

Since the past few months, a lot has changed, but a few things haven’t gone downhill. Social Media Marketing is still growing as more people are connecting to social platforms. 

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has affected some aspects of Social Media Marketing, but the overall process isn’t looking that bad again. 

Paid ads are becoming cheap.

We can see that during COVID-19, paid ads are becoming cheaper. The big ad networks make money through an auction system where they require small businesses to drive up the cost-per-click(CPC) for their ads. But because there are not many new or small businesses coming up for advertising, the competition decreases. This decrease in the game is resulting in the cheaper rates of paid ads. 

However, one thing which is rapidly increasing day by day is traffic on websites. Thus, if you have a small business and you’re looking forward to ramping it up, then surely now is the ideal time for you to take advantage of cheap rates of paid ads. 

Businessess getting affected majorly

The COVID-19 has changed things drastically for many businesses as their conversion rate is diminishing. Some of these industries which have seen the biggest downfall are:

  • Building
  • Airlines
  • Property
  • Travel Agencies 

But with the increasing traffic on social media platforms, some industries are seeing growth in their conversion rates like never before. Healthcare and Pharma are examples of those industries which are seeing a better conversion rate in the past few months. 

Helping in Educational Aspect

The Education department has suffered a lot due to COVID-19, as every school, college, and other educational institutes are temporarily closed. But it’s also essential to make sure that students don’t have to compromise with their education and career. 

Thanks to Social Media platforms like Zoom, teachers are connecting with their students through live sessions. Apart from these apps, educational apps and websites like Udemy have seen much growth in the past few months. 

Although there are some limitations to these social media platforms as practical learning is a bit tough task here. However, we can’t deny that Social Media Platforms are becoming the savior of many educational organizations. 

Geographic Diversification

Although COVID-19 is a global issue, some countries are handling this situation better than others. With the help of Social Media Marketing platforms, you can consider diversifying the regions from which you’re getting your website’s traffic. 

The marketers can still look forward to connecting more and more with social media platforms and expand their business even during this pandemic. 

Remember that Social Media Marketing is still thriving, and you can grow your business by connecting it with too. You can always make a change with your positive efforts.

We’re all in this together, and we’ll get through this together. 

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Chitransh Mittal
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