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Future of IGTV

IGTV was and still a basic feature of Instagram which initially did not come into much limelight but a separate app did the much-needed wonder where famous food channels, clothing lines, cosmetics made their way and broadcasted videos which are longer in duration just as what is available on YouTube and the best part is since it’s vertical, the idea and the pain to operate PCs and laptops does not bother any more.

Buyers today are very much part of what is shown and communicated through videos as everything has become part and parcel of the online world and hence, creativity is reflected through content.

Future of IGTV

IGTV marketing strategy made it practically easy for the brand to consumer basis relationship to develop and enhance that attracted the product market making it fascinating enough and trustworthy.

From the hoardings to advertisement telecasted on television and till innovation coming up like IGTV, many levels of the customer-brand equation have been crossed.

It’s very much noticeable that videos or well-structured writing understanding the customers in the market does many wonders to instantly change the taste of consumers.

Igtv for business

Today when out making strategies for a good marketing picking up certain targeted audience, it’s necessary to know that users believe in what is live and very much real; they basically can comment, like, recommend, suggest while they do join the idea and provide opinion to certain merits, demerits which IGTV made possible making the platform more like a conversation between customer and the brand with no intermediator to interrupt and make things vague.

This wasn’t possible through advertisement on television since it was more of virtual reality but the idea of IGTV remains to create a perfect base for the brand to promote and clear the query of the consumer and putting any brand not only in the front and centre but also making it available absolutely in every possible format.

The idea of horizontal videos (watching videos related to brands on computers) put forward the watching only limited to a certain level technically and innovatively as well.

Future of IGTV

But a platform more like IGTV is more of a social media app where a brand or customer is being provided with the scope of vertically creating and watching videos along with the interaction with a brand person enhancing trust majorly and since Live streaming is the reality today, IGTV being one amongst few.

It does not need competition as for now because it paved its way through opening a new dimensional idea of consumers paying attention. On the other hand, it’s many costs efficient since a click of video can help a brand name reach to millions of people effortlessly.

This is majorly a future to new ways of advertising and influencing to put forward the opinion via a person, words, and videos with social messages to reach to the best possible potential audience in the market.

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