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Effective Work Tips During Quarantine

During the coronavirus epidemic (CCVOID-19), more and more companies are making it compulsory for their employees to work from home. The situation is affecting us mentally and draining us emotionally, as well. It is causing frustration and loneliness among people. For those who get easily distracted while working at home, here are few effective work tips that will not create any disturbance in productivity. 


  1. Stay Connected to Your Co-workers

Focusing on work while staying at home can be short-lived, but at the same time, it can disconnect you with your team members and other colleagues. Messages and video calls will help you share your daily routine and stay connected with your co-workers. It can also help to give direction to your employees and add to the growth of the company and the emotional and mental peace of the team. 


  1. Have a Designated Workspace

Having a designated space can be very helpful for being more productive. Find a place that has fewer distractions and if possible, have direct sunlight. This will make you feel good and will help you find a place at home for work that you always wanted. 


3 Take Breaks:

Start taking breaks in between your work. This will help you to have a fresh mind and will maximise your productivity. It will reset your mind and will help you approach a solution to a problem in different ways. Take walks, exercise and meditate.  


  1. Start on Time, Finish on Time: 

Avoid procrastination. It is easy to fall in the trap when you are at home; getting too comfortable is not an option. To create work/life balance, you need to start and stop at the right time. Plan your day, and give yourself the optimum time to do other chores as well. 


  1. Give the News a Break:

Because of the current pandemic situation, it is easy to get carried away and spend the most time on television or social media, get caught in rumours and new cases and finding what next is waiting for us. The goal should be at this situation is to stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. So, during the day, switch off all news channels and concentrate on what you are doing.  

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Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma
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