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Dove #ShowUs- Changing the perception of real beauty

Dove in partnership with digital photo company Girlgaze and Getty Image. This project features 179 women from 39 countries including plus-size, trans, diverse women and women with skin conditions.


Project #ShowUs | News | Unilever global company website

The objective of the project was in today’s age and time in the advertisement industry 70% women still don’t feel represented and those percentage of women wanted media and ad industry to represent real and diverse women. With the help of stock photo library powered by women to shatter beauty stereotypes around the world, dove portrays women as they are, not as others believe they should be.

Project #ShowUs | News | Unilever global company website

Dove Marketing Director Amy Stepanian said, “The idea of collaboration with Getty Images was to grant all companies access to the photographs for their own marketing and social campaigns. Dove and Unilever will begin using the inclusive imagery across all their products and in campaigns later this year. We want to give a touchpoint for these images to be seen and used everywhere. It’s the only way we see change happening.”

Dove's Project #ShowUs Is Shattering Beauty Stereotypes

Sophie Galvani, VP at Dove Global commented, “Dove understands the influence of the unrealistic images of beauty can have on a women’s body confidence. We have believed in liberating women from narrow beauty ideals and have demonstrated beauty diversity in our advertising. However, this is not enough.”

ShowUs: We are on the search for the next faces of Dove | IMAGE.ie

Getty images bring in 1 million images a month to its platform, and its partnership with Dove is remarkable. She says Getty worked with training the Girlgaze photographers to shoot more commercially and also to pair searchable keywords with each image. That is important for Getty images, as more inclusive and comprehend search terms have been trending: The term “women leaders” is up by over 202% year over year, and “diverse women” has grown by 168%.

Dove will be using the images on their official website and social channels to break the unrealistic standard of beauty. Moreover, the images will be featured on Getty’s and Girlgaze’s social platforms. Fans of these accounts will be prompted with the#ShowUs hashtag to generate additional images for user-generated content.


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