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Dettol- Hand-wash Challenge

The novel coronavirus is spreading throughout the world. What began in China has now caused worldwide pain. In these times government, health agencies and even brands are conveying the same message of social distancing. 

Dettol, however, has emerged a star from rest of the brands as it introduced “Dettol Tik Tok Challenge” known as #Handwashchallenge in India to encourage more and more people to clean their hands in order to fight the CCVID-19. The challenge paced the speed in just 4 days, whooping 9million views. 

Dettol’s TikTok Challenge Reads:


Dettol launched the campaign with several Indian TikTok influencers like Riyaz Aly, Avneet Kaur, Nisha Guragain, Suraj Pal Singh and actress Urvashi Rautela are among the influencers who began participating in the challenge four days ago. 


Dettol is one of the brands that is not suffering as much as the overall market. People have been stocking cleaning products, along with groceries and accessories like toilet paper. Online, the company says its products have proven effective for disinfecting strains of the flu from the same family as coronavirus and expects them to be as successful against COVID-19.

This was just Phase I of the campaign and as part of Phase II of the campaign, Dettol plans to take the challenging global by encouraging more users to participate while the audience worldwide.

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Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma
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