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Coronavirus- Chaos for Travel Influencers

You can’t really do anything when your income depends on promoting travel because let’s be honest, staying at home comes at a cost right..? #traveltimeout #savetourisim


As we all know that due to the coronavirus outbreak almost all the flights, events, and exhibitions are canceled, and hospitality marketers squeezing their budgets over coronavirus fears, travel influencers are struggling.

Dana H. Freeman, a very known travel influencer in Vermont, was supposed to mount a cruise ship from San Diego on Thursday, but all her bookings got canceled. 

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I am in a #traveltimeout. #travelinfluencers and #travelwriters around the world have had their businesses put on hold. Will it be the end of us? Absolutely not. We are counting on our trips and articles being postponed, not canceled. It is hitting our bottom line as @taylorlornez wrote about in the @nytimes yesterday. Hopefully though this is temporary and we can make it up in the second half of 2020. . Behind the scenes we are trying to figure out the best way to support the #travel industry during this unprecedented time. It would be #toosoon to tell you there are going to be great deals on cruises, flights and hotel rooms. However, we will be there when the time is right to encourage you to start planning #travel again. So no, I am not in Mexico right now but I was two weeks ago and I am already planning my return trip later this year. Please don’t count us out. We are still here thinking about #traveling .
. #lovefortravel #exploringtheworld #travelinspiration #luxurytravelexpert #seeyouontheotherside

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Sheri Griffiths, 45, a cruise influencer, answered all of her travel through April has been canceled over the past week.

Scott Eddy, a travel influencer and a marketing consultant, said, “In the past 48 hours, I have lost five campaigns,’ I do think they’ll come back to the table. Still, no one can predict when this will end. It’s all been put on indefinite hold.” 

The estimated loss on his earnings as of Wednesday accounted more than $25,000 in income, he said.

Influencers who are currently on trips are faced with worries about how to get home, in some cases cutting their trips short. 

Sarah Gallo, 27, one of the famous travel influencers, was on a sponsored trip but has been forced to change her plans multiple times over the last couple of days. She has supposed initially to venture Ethiopia after her time in the arctic, but as of Wednesday had reconsidered. She said, “I need to be careful about the places I’m visiting. I have to think, Is this where I want to be quarantined for a week or two months?” On Thursday, she continues to know that the Norweigan tourism board had canceled her trip, and she is now holed up in a cabin on a remote island.  

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THANK YOU to everyone who has checked in and extended the utmost kindness and hospitality during my trip to Scandinavia ❤️ I’m truly blown away! What started out as an absolutely epic trip through @heartoflapland in Sweden turned a bit crazy when we found out that we were to be quarantined in a cabin in Norway for 14 days… . As with everything, it’s important to keep things in perspective. While we are overwhelmed at the idea of not knowing 100% how we are going to get home or when we will even be allowed back home, we are grateful to have a cozy cabin at @dyroy_holiday, a roof over our head, and food in our mouths. We are trying to make the best of a confusing and complicated situation ☃️ The number of locals who have reached out and offered their assistance has been unbelievably touching and we definitely feel the love from everyone in both Norway and Sweden. . I feel quite blessed knowing that all of our needs are being met, which is most definitely not the case for a vast number of people globally who are also dealing with the effects of attempting to contain the spread of the virus. 😔 . To everyone that has messaged me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We took this photo in Sweden just last week on our first snowmobile trip, before the craziness of the #coronavirus ensued. Big thanks to @davidrocaberti for actually capturing a photo of me without sunglasses on 😆 . . . . . . . . . . . #visitsweden #visitnorway #northernnorway #senja #quarantine #stayhome #coronation #norwaytravel #norwaylove #swedengirl #sweden #sweden_images #swedentrip #swedenmylove #norwayphotos #portraitphotography #portraits #portraiture #portraitpage #portraitmood #makeportraits #pursuitofportraits #postthepeople #eyes #discoverportrait #ig_portrait #bleachmyfilm #portraitoftheday

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She said, “It’s the perfect place to be quarantined, We have the most spectacular views, and we’re not around anybody. But at the end of the day, we’re still quarantined. We don’t know how we’re going to get home. We’re waiting day by day, hour by hour to find out what we can do.”

Just like Ms. Gallo, like many travel influencers, spends the majority of her year in the air and on the road, and lost travel means lost income. “I travel 10 months per year, and they’re all income-producing activities,” she said. In addition to canceled trips, she and other travel influencers are losing money as the public’s interest in travel nose-dives.

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I’ve always wanted to sleep in an igloo…have you? ⛄️ Despite not being a big fan of the cold, I set out to make this a reality! I’m currently in @heartoflapland living my snowy fairytale, and loving every single minute of it. ❄️ From the amazing igloos at the @iceandlightvillage, to the snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and sleigh riding with @filipsborg_mansion, to the absolutely incredible meals at @frevisoren, our trip has certainly been off to an incredible start and filled with the most wonderful, gracious people 🙌 And that was just day one! It’s looking like I may turn into a snow bunny before we leave … guess we’ll have to wait and see 😉 @davidrocaberti snapped this epic shot to kick off our experience in Swedish Lapland! 📸 . . . . . . . . . . . #visitsweden #swedishmoments #ig_sweden #loves_sweden #igsweden #swedenimages #sweden_photolovers #igscandinavia #swedishlapland #thebestofscandinavia #loves_scandinavia #enjoysweden #seesweden #bestofscandinavia #schweden #visitscandinavia #discoversweden #igerssweden #ig_scandinavia #northernlights #night_excl #auroraborealis #nightscaper #night_shooterz #aurora #igpodium_night #supreme_nightshots #ig_nightphotography #nightphotography

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“The number of Vlogs is down, and numbers are down, social media numbers are down on travel, affiliate income is down because hotels aren’t being booked, people aren’t buying travel gear,” Ms. Gallo said. “There’s a chance some conferences I’m scheduled to speak at might be canceled. I’m losing speaking gig payment, tourism board payments, hotel payments. We don’t know when things will bounce back.”

Many influencers are turning to private Facebook groups to seek advice from colleagues about how to move forward. Posts in one group question whether the media is blowing things out of proportion. In contradiction, another post faults people for not taking the virus seriously enough. Many influencers report feeling in a state of purgatory. They’ve reached out to brands, but it’s nearly impossible to get any answers. 

“It’s all changing so quickly,” said Selena Taylor, 29, a travel influencer in New York, as she packed for a flight to Amsterdam on Wednesday night.

“Currently, we are scheduled to go on nine cruises in the next couple months, they’re not canceled yet,” said Alyssa Griffin, 30, a cruise influencer. “But we work with the tour operators, my husband and I, and we’ve been having issues essentially with commitment. They don’t know what’s going to happen. Some are all gung ho, some say there’s nothing they can do right now.”

Other influencers have opted to delay posting until they can decide-out how to appropriately address the pandemic. “It’s a serious topic, and we don’t want to give any of the wrong advice,” said Sion Walton-Guest, 31, one-half of the travel influencer couple @theglobetrotterguys

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It’s looks like there is going to be a lot of duvet days coming up. We’ve just started following the hashtag #savetourism and this is why: – If you are in a position to, it’s best to reschedule your travel for later in the year or next year instead of simply cancelling. – If everyone cancels all together there might not be an industry left when people start to travel again. It’s also important to have something to look forward to in times like this. Just some food for thought ❤️. – #dontcancelpostpone #ilovetotravel #safetravel #twohusbands #gaylovers #gaylovegay #samesexlove #gayrelationship #gayrelationshipgoals #mrandmr #gaytraveler #gaytravelblog #travelsouthafrica #gayuk

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He added that they’ll likely advise their audience to follow the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

“As a travel influencer, one has to be really watchful of your role and what you play in the travel space,” said Sarah Dandashy, who runs @AskAConcierge. Ms. Freeman, who has her own blog, wrote an article on her blog listing reports and policy updates from all the major cruise lines. She believed it was a way to allow her audience to make a choice about travel for themselves. “I wouldn’t want someone to feel like I’m urging them to keep traveling,” Ms. Dandashy, 37, said. Naturally, people who travel a lot for work face a risk of contracting the virus — and travel influencers’ careers are all about making aspirational content across the globe.

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Got to talk Tips for Travel and COVID-19 today on #gooddayla @foxla. This is a VERY fluid situation that is changing on a regular basis. . 1. Do not panic and stay informed. Practice social distancing and stay on top of new developments. 2. Be specific on why you are canceling to better your chances on refunds. Everything is cases by case right. And if you are six or have a pre-existing condition, let the company know. Also, if you can’t get a refund, consider postponing. Many companies are trying to work with travelers! 3. Coming back into the US? Be patient. LAX is one of 14 national airports screening Americans returning from a list of restricted countries. Keep in mind that there’s still a high probability of having to quarantine upon return. 4. Play up the staycation! The truth is, many of us have to be at home. So take this time to tackle things on your long to do list things you’ve been trying to do around the house… Or maybe even avoid doing! If weather permits, hike, bike, stay active outside—but still practice social distancing! . . Have you changed your travel plans recently? . . . #fox11news #covid19 #coronavirus #travelban

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 One of the famous Travel influencer couple Stefan Arestis and Sebastien Chaneac, who call themselves the Nomadic Boys and have 122,000 Instagram followers. They intend to stay home from a significant LGBTQ travel and tourism conference in Italy this year as a safety measure. However, they haven’t stopped traveling altogether, and are currently in Japan after visiting Thailand last month.

We would like you all to have a go through on some CORONAVIRUS TRAVEL TIPS by dailymail.co

As the novel coronavirus spreads across the globe, health experts advise plane travelers to sit in a window seat, disinfect their table trays and window blinds, and warn that wearing a mask won’t prevent infection. Officials say the best way to avoid catching the virus, which is spread through viral particles within mucus or saliva, is to keep your hands clean, disinfect your space, and avoid touching your face.

It is also advised that plane travelers choose a window seat to have less contact with potentially sick people. ‘Book a window seat, try not to move during the flight, stay hydrated and keep your hands away from your face,’ Vicki Stover Hertzberg, professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, said.

Top tips include:

– Good hand hygiene: Frequently wash hands for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer
– Disinfect your space: Bring your own wipes and wipe down window blinds, seat belts, armrests, touch screens, and tray tables
– Choose a window seat: Sit near the window and avoid moving around the cabin to limit exposure to potentially sick people
– Use touch screen with a tissue: Avoid contact with surfaces that may hold the virus
– Avoid touching your face: 2019-Nov is spread through viral particles in mucus or saliva. Avoid touching your face, and transferring germs picked up from surfaces


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