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All you want to know about Virtual Influencers

Across the globe, there are more than a billion active users on Instagram, and it’s getting even harder to stand out in the crowd with all the new ideas. To succeed with some of the problems intrinsic in this attention-seeking economy, some talented marketers decided to dodge the standard approach to influencers and instead create the perfect accounts themselves, so-called virtual influencers. 

What are Virtual Influencers?

Some creative marketers have decided to find an alternative to the typical approach to influencers and instead create their brand ambassadors themselves using artificial intelligence. These virtual influencers are computer-created fictional characters whose “personalities” are entirely fictional.

They’re paired with animated images from digital artists to re-create the subtle features of human faces accurately. Some companies are building their influencers from the ground up, creating their character that they can control every aspect of.

Top Virtual Influencers

1. KFC

Famous fast food brand KFC created an avatar of its renowned founder, Colonel Sanders, for its last campaign. We all know that the real Colonel Sanders passed away decades ago. So the brand team at KFC bought his spirit to life as a virtual influencer and representing the founder in his young age, going all fashionable in his traditional white suite and of course the recognizable moustache.  

2. Noonoouri

Next on our list is Noonoouri she over has gained 367K followers without even planning to look like a real human. This Virtual influencer is Created by the German graphic designer Jörg Zuber. This virtual influencer is 19 years old, 1.50 m tall, and indicates to live in Paris.

Her account touches on couture, goals, beauty, art, and culture, and she calls herself as curious, luxury, friendly and active. Noonoouri collaborated with a lot of famous Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, and Miu Miu. 

3. Lil Miquela

The biggest in the list of all virtual influencers there comes Limiquela, with a fan base of over 1.6 Million. She is the most famous half Brazilian and half Spanish virtual influencer. She is 19 years old, residing in Los Angeles. Lil Miquela is a musician and has released several singles having more than 45K youtube subscribers.

She creates fantastic content posing next to Steve Aoki and a lot of celebrities. She can be seen in a sponsored partnership with big brands like Samsung or Calvin Klein. This virtual influencer creates content, just like other lifestyle influencers.

Lil Miquela stands for political changes and supports Women’s rights. She also managed to launch a clothing line in July collaboration with @Depop. 

4. Yoox (367k)

Daisy is a creation of luxury online retailer Yoox. She supports the customer modelling outfits, guides through the website and assist visitors in finding the right costumes.

The company launches its latest outfits with the helo of their virtual influencer and creates content on their social media. Daisy can be seen posing next celebrities like  @carodaur

5. Shudu.gram

Shudu, the Virtual Influencer, is created by a British photographer and she’s, in fact, the world’s first digital supermodel. Shudu’s creator first hid the fact that she is not real; just after that, lots of fashion brands started approaching the virtual influencer for collaboration. She has also been featured in Vogue and virtually visited by different events.  

The rise of virtual influencers indicates a shift in influencer mind, with buyers either admitting digitized personas or revealing against them. Notwithstanding the unusual character and strategy of virtual influencers, social media marketing proceeds to encompass trends such as these and utilize their strengths to best suit their audiences.

Tell us, How do you feel about virtual influencers, and how do you see their roles in social media influencer marketing changing?

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All you want to know about Virtual Influencers

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